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Crave (Younger Men, Wiser Women) by Alexandra O'Hurley

Crave (Younger Men, Wiser Women) by Alexandra O'Hurley


English Edition

Frigid. That’s what Gemma Grayson’s ex-husband called her when she caught him in bed with another woman. She wasn’t frigid, just career-focused. She was well on her way to making partner by forty and that’s better than sex any day, isn’t it?

Yet the term haunts her and the need to prove her ex wrong drives her to the edge of ruin.

P.I. Jonas Anderson was sent to ruin her career. Only, he’s not onboard with the plan, and once he realizes she’s the woman he’s been fantasizing about for months, his only desire is to protect her – of course, that’s after he has her writhing under him.

When Gemma finds out why he’s truly there, can she recover from another betrayal?

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