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Dance With a Deverell by Jayne Fresina

Dance With a Deverell by Jayne Fresina


English Edition

Available January 28, 2022!

Amazon/Kindle Unlimited Exclusive

He knew, the first time he saw her, that she was the only woman in the world for him.

She knew, the first time they met, that he was the last thing she needed in her life.


Even before she hears his name— before he’s even turned around to look at her— Lady Beaufort knows this young man is trouble. On a quest to collect a debt of five guineas, he has trampled her precious pineapple plant and broken into her house in the dead of night. Who knows what he might do next, given half a chance?

Like most of his notorious family, Ramses Deverell is not a man to let locks, walls, or society’s rules get in his way. He doesn’t care about the class divide either and believes that money, opportunity and respect should be earned. He knows what he wants and he’s determined to get it.

And when he meets Ainslie Beaufort, he’s still young enough to think he can change the world for both of them.


But while he sees no boundaries and sets no limits for himself, Ainslie has been raised in a life full of constraints. From her tightened corset laces to her censored conversation; from her concealed opinions to her confined emotions, she’s well-trained in what is expected of her. She knows her place in the world, and she knows the penalty for straying from it. Above all, she does what she must to protect her daughter, for her proudest achievement is motherhood, and what she doesn’t need is this wildly charming, infamously incorrigible male, endangering her reputation. As well as her pineapples.

Yes, he’s amusing, playful, handsome and clever, but he’s too young for her, too reckless and too tempting. And even worse than all that, he’s a Deverell. Need anything more be said?

No, she will never kiss him, whatever premonition he claims to feel in his bones. Nor will she ever dance with him.

They should never have met; it would be better for both of them, if they never meet again.

For her daughter’s respectability, this lady will sacrifice her own desires.

But to dance with the woman he loves, this Deverell will walk through fire.

Amazon/Kindle Unlimited Exclusive

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