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Reporting to Him by Alexandra O'Hurley

Reporting to Him by Alexandra O'Hurley


English Edition

Career driven to a fault, Sydney Grayson has forged a path up the corporate ladder at a NYC newsmagazine. When she learns about a potential rung opening, she takes a shot with dreams of the big office. Unfortunately, a corporate merger nearly pushes her out the front door instead.

Once she learns she’s not getting the job, a night of excesses ends up with her tied in a sexy stranger’s bed. He drives her past the quiet control she has on her life and demands more than one night.

Jensen Archer had flown into town on his father’s orders—close the barely profitable magazine arm of their new acquisition and do it quickly. But when he realizes his sexy one night stand is also an editor for the magazine, he knows he has to touch and taste her again.

Jensen’s in for a battle, pitting himself against his embittered father and the woman he can’t seem to get enough of.

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