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Simmered (A Kent Street Tale, 2) by Alex Bowman (Kelex)

Simmered (A Kent Street Tale, 2) by Alex Bowman (Kelex)


English Edition

Kent Street is the new up and coming open community. After years of decline, LGBT-friendly businesses are starting to open their doors along the retail ghost town, welcoming open minded and proud patrons to shop the newly renovated shops and eateries. What they didn’t expect was by bringing a bunch of hot men closer together, it would prove to be fiery, to say the least.

After years of crossing each other’s paths in the culinary world, Henri Delacourt and Tate Campbell find themselves working side by side at Michellette’s, a new restaurant on Kent Street. Their arguments heat up the kitchen, but when the fighting turns into one passionate encounter, it rattles them both.

Henri has always seen himself as straight. He struggles to face the feelings he has for Tate, and keeps pushing the man away at every turn. Tate won’t be pushed far. He wants Henri to admit to what he feels and won’t take Henri’s backpedaling.

When everything simmers over, they’re left facing very different futures and need to decide if they can forge ahead as one or be forced to walk away from the emotions they feel.

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