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Spice It Up (Featuring Park and Ride) by Alexandra O'Hurley

Spice It Up (Featuring Park and Ride) by Alexandra O'Hurley


English Edition

Spice it Up

After a stranger messages her, Kellee is caught up in a sensual world of fantasy and desire. When her dark stranger suggests they meet—the yearning he’s built within her makes her say yes when she knows she should say no.

One night bound in his bed proves to be too much for her—and nowhere near enough.

Park and Ride

A late night trek on a lonely stretch of highway gets Kellee yawning… that is until a hot stranger in a sports car catches up and begins to give her a naughty show. Enthralled, she can’t take her eyes off the dirty things he does—her stare glued to his body more than the road.

When he points to a rest stop sign, she knows she’s at an impasse… keep on driving for home, or take a ride on the wild side? Should she take a chance for one wild, hot night in the park and ride?

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