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Stealing Neverland's Fairy by Miranda Marks

Stealing Neverland's Fairy by Miranda Marks


English Edition

Neverland has been flipped on its arse… all thanks to a little blonde fairy named Tink…

Cadeon Smee and Miles Starkey have lived in Neverland for far too long. Mutiny is afoot, and they plan to lead the pack against Hook in order to earn their freedom from the madman. All they need to do is find the right moment.

When Hook demands the two accompany him to catch Tinker Belle once more, they do the pirate captain’s bidding. They also find their perfect moment to seize independence. Only Tink is hurt in the melee, and the only course of action seems to be turning her human to tend her wounds.

Tink awakens without wings, and the same size as the two men she’d never noticed were quite so handsome. Anger makes her rail against them, but the more she fights, the more she grows to desire the dashing, sexy pirates.

To win her heart, Cadeon and Miles must defeat Hook and keep Tinker Belle from Peter Pan’s clutches.

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