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Tackling Her Heart by Alexandra O'Hurley

Tackling Her Heart by Alexandra O'Hurley


English Edition

Punished and benched after he paid a little needed retribution on a teammate, Marc Anders goes into self-exile at a Tahitian resort. He needed to get away from the media circus his life was about to become. But the ringleader of that circus, ex–lingerie model turned sports reporter, Sofia Figueroa, follows him trying to get her scoop.

Sofia nearly destroyed Marc's brother's career with a slanderous mistake, one she's apologized for repeatedly. Now she's on the hunt to write another piece on the Anders' clan, and Marc will do anything to stop her, even if it comes down to seducing her and making Sofia his mistress.

Cool and controlled, they don't call him The Iceman for nothing. Yet Sofia heats his blood and threatens to make him melt. Knowing he needs to hold on to the reins, his brand of control comes with cuffs and paddles, and he has more than one reason to punish his lover.

Can he hold on to his control and not let his own dark needs overshadow hers?

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