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The General's Virgin Slave by Georgia Fox

The General's Virgin Slave by Georgia Fox


English Edition

Amanda Adams has been waiting a long time to find the perfect man. She just has no idea she's been waiting two thousand years. Until she walks through a bathroom door and into another world.

Is she dreaming? Is she dead? Suddenly Amanda finds herself living in first century Britannia, working as a slave under Roman rule and catching the eye of feared general - Marcus Cassius the Invincible.

As the general's bed slave and renamed "Axa", she knows there is only one way to survive. The arrogant Primus Pilus might have a hundred bed slaves at his disposal but she is the only virgin among them. Can she keep his interest long enough to rise to the top of the pack? The higher she climbs in his affections, the further she has to fall. But just where will she land? And while she's falling, maybe Amanda will finally fall in love.

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