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A Virgin for Two Vikings (Gods and Giants, 3) by Georgia Fox

A Virgin for Two Vikings (Gods and Giants, 3) by Georgia Fox


English Edition

Freya Gottriksdottir has been waiting a long time for a husband. Now, at last, one has been found for her. She can't help worrying that he may not be able to fulfill all her needs. After all, she has a naughty curiosity under her quiet, meek exterior, and a rich imagination too.

But when Freya's intended sends his adopted brother to fetch her, she has something else to worry about. She thinks this is the man for her. No one else has ever made her pussy purr the way he does. If only he was the man who would marry her!

Alas, the bride price has been settled and she can't back out now without causing a war. Somehow she must fulfill her duty and marry the man who has paid for her maidenhead, even though she fears her heart will always belong to his brother.

Rollo and Sven Ericksson have lived as brothers for years. One is stern and somber, a ruthless warlord. The other is mischievous and does anything he can to shirk a responsibility.

But these two Viking warriors are about to find they do have one thing in common after all - something more than stubborn tempers, a reluctance to forgive, and endowments that would make a randy bull proud.

She's a woman they both want. And neither is willing to give her up.

Freya must find a way to keep the peace between these two brothers. Since she was named after the goddess of beauty, love, and destiny, there's really only one sensible thing for a girl to do.

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