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The Captain's Plaything by Georgia Fox

The Captain's Plaything by Georgia Fox


English Edition

Nell Jones has taken a position working for the mysterious Captain Darlington at Chesworth Manor. She needs the money and it seems to be a remarkably easy job—for one hour a day, to just stand naked in a room with no windows. How hard can it be?

Well, the nakedness is a bit odd, perhaps, but not nearly as odd as those sounds coming from behind the wall.

Is it the reclusive master of the house who watches her?

No one has laid eyes on the Captain since he came home from war in the trenches three years ago. He dismissed most of his household staff and never goes outside into daylight. So what could he want with a poor girl like her?

Rumor has it that he was badly scarred at the battle of Passchendaele and now he can't stand the sight of his own face. But if it is him behind that wall, Nell decides she'll lure him out into the light.

He gets to watch her—every part of her—so why shouldn't she get to see him in return?

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