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News — Erotica

First Glimpse -- Kelex's Sacrificed to the Ice God

BDSM Bondage Erotic Erotic Romance Erotica Gay Kelex MM MPREG New Release Paranormal

Sacrificed to the Ice God Copyright © 2018 by Kelex One Day Left to Live Come to me, Kai. Kai looked up at the dais, his entire body enflamed. Heat rocketed through him as he stared up at the Ice God. The male was large, muscled all over. The deity’s skin was pale, almost blue from the cold. He was completely naked, his thick, long cock hard with need. Drops of seed dripped from the swollen head onto the dais. Hunger tore through Kai… a hunger he’d never, ever felt before. Come to me, Kai. Kai’s own cock stiffened in...

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First Glimpse - RJ Richards' INVADED

Alien Erotic Erotica Gay Menage MM MPREG Multiple Partners SciFi

Invaded Mate Them Copyright © 2017 by RJ Richards   It happened before Danny even realized it, before he could even think to stop it, and before he could even think to escape it. The top of the platform, the place where he was right next to, the place that had looked completely innocuous, suddenly came alive. Thick, silver chains snaked out from the sides of it and wrapped themselves around Danny’s arms. They pulled on them so before Danny could so much as gasp his arms were outstretched and locked into place. As Danny tensed and pulled on his...

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First Glimpse - Jayson Jax's Seized by the Cavemen

Cavemen Erotic Erotica Fantasy Gay Jayson Jax Menage MMM MPREG Multiple Partners Paranormal SciFi

Seized by the Cavemen Caveman Isle, 3 Copyright © 2017 by Jayson Jax The loud thump of the bass below vibrated through Drew Colesworth’s body. Seated in a dark corner of the same BDSM club in which he’d been confronted with the chance to fly to some distant island by his friend Jaime, he was now a changed man. He lifted his drink to his lips and took a sip, watching the patrons around him having the time of their lives. He wasn’t having the time of his life. The drink in his hand had no flavor. While those around...

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First Chapter -- Victoria Vallo's Assassin's Touch

Assassin's Touch Erotic Erotica Gay Intersex MM New Release Romance SciFi Victoria Vallo

Assassin's Touch Copyright © 2017 by Victoria Vallo   Chapter One   Korac sat on the too soft, too silky cushion in Barol’s lounge and eyed all of the robed bodies, as well as a few unrobed ones, moving about the room. Here on Nykon, pleasure slaves were referred to as regas, an ancient word associated with the harems of old, which once upon a time had only been kept by the planet’s royals. But times had changed. Now, money ruled over lineage, and the Nykonians did all they could to preserve that order. That very drive was the reason...

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Excerpt -- Bumfuck Revisited from BOUND BY LUST

BDSM Bound Erotic Erotica Gay Kelex MM MMMM Multiple Partners New Release

Part of BOUND BY LUST Bumfuck Revisited   Copyright © 2017 by Kelex       Rory Burgess stepped off the bus amid a long stream of riders. The scent of diesel fuel and trash collided in his nose and added a little sense of dread that coiled around the knot in his stomach. The moon hung low in the sky. It was barely five and already as dark as midnight. He hated winter nights like this. A chill raced down his spine, and he wondered if he’d made a mistake. Too late now. He tossed his backpack over one...

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