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First Glimpse: Reconciliation by Hayden West

Erotic Erotic Romance Gay Hayden West Military MM New Release Romance

Reconciliation Copyright © 2018 by Hayden West   Chapter One Somalia   The hot, arid breeze moved around him, not doing much in the way of offering relief. Braxton Davidson and his team were suffering through the Jilal, the harshest dry season of the year in this country. He hated it and longed to return to his ranch in Idaho and get some of the nice cold winter air it would have. Not here, not in December. Snow at home and where he was, equatorial heat. That wasn’t the only thing that Idaho had that Somalia didn’t. Travis Saunders. He...

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First Glimpse: Cyborg (Project Zed, 7) by Kelex

Erotic Erotic Romance Gay Kelex Military MMM MPREG Multiple Partners New Release Paranormal Romance Shifters

Cyborg Project Zed, Book Seven Copyright © 2018 by Kelex   He closed his eyes and released a breath. His body throbbed all over. Swept up in lust, he heard an answering growl out in the living space. “Stop that,” Hemming called out. “I’ve got work to do.” Ford made his way back out to the dining room. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “I could smell your lust from all the way out here.” Ford’s face filled with heat again, but this time it wasn’t from need. Hemming eyed him. “Just give me a minute to get everything...

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Interview with Aliyah Burke

Aliyah Burke Erotic Romance Gossip Interracial Interview IR MF Military Romance

Hi all!  This is Kellie, owner of TEP. A few nights ago, I had the chance to catch up with one of my favorite people, Aliyah Burke.  We used to live close to one another and we’d get together once a month for a lunch that would last four or five hours – literally.  I’m sure the staff at the Olive Garden thought we were weirdos.  We’d get there at 11 AM when the doors opened, and we’d leave just before we might get stuck in rush hour traffic – 3 or 4 PM. (If you ever hear her talking...

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First Glimpse - Aliyah Burke's Beyond His Control

Aliyah Burke Contemporary Erotic Romance IR MF Military New Release Romance

Beyond His Control Copyright © 2017 by Aliyah Burke   Chapter One Miami, FL Myst, a popular dance club   Kamden Strong sighed, plagued by exhaustion. The club scene wasn’t remotely what she wanted to be doing. I have a perfectly good bath and bed in my hotel suite. Why am I here? A squeal that had no problem elevating itself over the noise of the crowd—an impressive feat to be sure—grabbed her attention. Kamden turned her head and smiled at her friend Missy. Oh yeah. That’s why I’m here. Missy Travis, best friend extraordinaire. Missy had begged her to...

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First Chapter - The Detective's Lover by Aliyah Burke

Aliyah Burke Contemporary Erotic Interracial MF Military New Release Police Romance Suspense The Maddoxes

The Detective's Lover The Maddoxes, Book 1 Copyright © 2017 by Aliyah Burke     Chapter One The newly-dark skateboard park was shattered with a single shot, followed by muzzle flashes and the stutter of an automatic weapon. Ra-tat-tat-tat. Ra-tat-tat-tat. Silence returned as quickly as it had been destroyed. Not even dogs barked in the area. As the night progressed, rain came and cleansed the city. Blood mixed with the water and washed down into Seattle’s drainage system. An early morning jogger heading through the park discovered the body. He grabbed his phone from his pocket, called 911, and then...

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