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News — Alexandra O'Hurley

First Glimpse - The Lottery by Alexandra O'Hurley

Alexandra O'Hurley Erotic Erotic Romance Futuristic MF Multiple Partners New Release Romance SciFi

The Lottery Copyright © 2010, 2017 by Alexandra O’Hurley He stood there staring at her for what seemed like hours, but couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes. She allowed her gaze to roam over his perfect body. He was fully dressed, but she could tell he was perfect. When she lifted her stare back to his face, Ethan had one eyebrow cocked, and his hands on his hips. She was almost ashamed, but it was the first time she’d seen a man this tasty up close and personal. Her stare roamed over his lean body again, from...

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First Chapter - Resurrection by Alexandra O'Hurley

Aegarian Saga Alexandra O'Hurley Erotic Fantasy New Release SciFi

Resurrection Aegarian Saga, 2 Copyright © 2008, 2012, 2016 by Alexandra O’Hurley   Prologue Millions of years ago, an alien race came to a new world filled with lush vegetation and animal life.  The ones that arrived were the best scientific minds of their race, albeit a little on the mad side.  They came to experiment with new genetic material, which had been outlawed on their home world.  Once they had settled and made a home base and laboratory, the scientists began using this material to mutate the animal life they had found on this distant world. A new race...

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First Chapter -- Abduction by Alexandra O'Hurley

Alexandra O'Hurley Erotic New Release SciFi

Chapter One Besh eyed the inhabitation before him, his body tight and ready to spring into action at any moment. He felt his muscles ripple and stretch, unease rolling through him. He couldn’t appear too aggressive as he and his men approached. This was a scouting mission, not an attack. Under the heavy battle armor he wore, he felt sweat trickling down his clenched abdomen, his stomach taut with tension. He and his group of warriors marched ahead toward a small village, an anxious feeling riding his nerves.  The heat on this planet didn’t help, either. It was unbearable, unlike...

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