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News — April Andrews

First Glimpse: April Andrews' OMEGA ABDUCTED

April Andrews Erotic Erotic Romance Fantasy Gay MM New Release Paranormal Romance Shifters The Omega Auctions Wolves

Omega Abducted The Omega Auctions, 9 Copyright © 2019 by April Andrews   Chapter One The ballroom that Alexander Lupin found himself in on a cold, rainy night was a perfect circle—or at least as perfect a circle as human hands could make. In the middle of that ballroom was a circular stage. Around that stage were over a dozen circular tables. And, if that wasn’t enough, the golden lights suspended above him, dozens and dozens of them, were also circular, or spheres he supposed. The only break in the smooth curves came from the people who were busy making...

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First Chapter - Crossing the Line by April Andrews

Alpha One April Andrews Erotic Gay MM Romance SciFi

 A TWISTED E PUBLISHING BOOK Crossing the Line Alpha One, 1   Copyright © 2017 by April Andrews  Edited by Marie Medina  First E-book Publication: February 2017 Cover design by K Designs  All cover art and logo copyright © 2017, Twisted Erotica Publishing   Chapter One   Tobias Hark was a bundle of nerves as he waited in the docking bay of his people’s ship, Alpha One. All around him, lined up against the walls of the docking bay were Alpha One’s scout ships. There were one hundred and twenty-seven in all. There had once been one hundred and fifty....

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