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First Glimpse: Adam Charles' Haunt His Heart

Adam Charles Erotic Erotic Romance Gay MM New Release Paranormal Romance

Haunt His Heart Copyright © 2018 by Adam Charles When Ben goes to visit his best friend Mark at UVA, he decides to stop by Edgar Allan Poe’s old dormitory. There, he meets a man named Raven, and the connection they feel is undeniable. He doesn’t want to miss out on time with his friend, but every moment with Raven makes him wonder if unseen forces brought them both to the historic site for a reason. Mark couldn’t be more thrilled that his best friend has met an amazing guy. And when they go to a party Raven invited them...

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First Glimpse - Adam Charles' Second Chance

Adam Charles Contemporary Erotic Erotic Romance Gay MM New Release Romance

Second Chance Taking a Chance, 2 Copyright © 2018 by Adam Charles   David has spent almost a decade living with regrets, and he’s finally worked up the courage to right a wrong from years ago. Just as he’s reconciling with his twin brother, David gets another chance to fix a relationship he screwed up. Even though he bolted out of fear, David has never been able to forget the day he kissed his friend Michael. Now that Michael is in his life again, will David be able to make it up to him? Or is it too much to...

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First Glimpse - Adam Charles' Toby's Beta

Adam Charles Changes Erotic Gay MM New Release Paranormal Romance

Toby's Beta ©2017,  Adam Charles Toby lay back on the blanket, sighing when he felt how warm the material had become in the sun. Luke reclined beside him and rolled to face him, popping a grape into his mouth. They’d packed a picnic lunch and headed for one of Toby’s favorite spots by the river. The handsome beta had spent the last two days fucking Toby senseless. Toby loved the way the other man touched him. While his body craved that touch, Toby realized he liked this quiet moment as well. He turned his head to watch Luke eating grapes...

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First Glimpse - Adam Charles and Mace's Omega

Adam Charles BDSM Elements Erotic Gay MM MPREG New Release Paranormal Shifters

Mace's Omega Changes, Book One Copyright © 2017 by Adam Charles Mace felt Gideon watching him, and he moved over to Noah under the alpha’s gaze. “I’m not objecting to anything about this. I’m looking forward to getting to know such a beautiful male.” Mace wasn’t exactly lying, as he found Noah very attractive. More than anything he was trying to reassure Gideon that he’d adjusted his attitude accordingly. They hadn’t talked since their disagreement, and Mace wanted to go into this without animosity between him and Gideon. “And we both have a choice, but we’ll get to know each...

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