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First Glimpse - His Prince Submits by Marie Medina

Erotic Erotic Romance Fae Fantasy Gay Marie Medina MM New Release Paranormal Romance The Veiled Court

His Prince Submits The Veiled Court, Book 1 Copyright © 2017 by Marie Medina   Chapter One The Veiled Court (The Realm of the Fey) Present Day   Alexander jolted awake and grabbed the hand touching his arm. He rolled in bed and saw Edmund, his father’s adviser, leaning over his bed holding a candle. Alexander relaxed and let go of Edmund’s arm. “What’s happening?” He rubbed his eyes as they adjusted to the dim light. “Sorry to wake you, Your Highness, but your father wishes to speak with you.” Edmund cleared his throat, frowning. “It can’t wait until morning.”...

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First Chapter - Roses & Thorns by Marie Medina

Arundel Erotic Fae Fantasy Gay Marie Medina Paranormal

Copyright © 2016, Marie Medina Chapter One Jareth rolled to his side in the lush grass. He loved the feel of each blade brushing his cheek, and he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Magic swelled up around him, and he thought of Marcus. The next day they would begin Jareth’s training, and Jareth already felt his body tightening at the idea of being so close to the other man. He opened his eyes and looked up at the clouds floating by slowly above him. He ought to see Marcus as a father figure, but he didn’t. He...

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