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News — The Deverells

First Glimpse - Jayne Fresina's Damon Undone

Historical Jayne Fresina MF Romance The Deverells Victorian

Damon Undone The Deverells, Book Five © 2017 by Jayne Fresina     Prologue 1836   "Trust nobody. Remember, there is no soul on earth who has your best interests at heart more than you." Remembering his father's stern advice, Damon Deverell, at just ten years of age, proudly kept his small chin up and his lips pressed tight, speaking to nobody, as the mail coach trundled slowly along the bumpy coast road, carrying him off to boarding school for the first time. With a wide, dry-eyed gaze, he peered out through the grimy window and quickly sought the little...

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First Chapter -- Pumpymuckles by Jayne Fresina

Historical Jayne Fresina New Adult New Release Paranormal The Deverells

Pumpymuckles       Copyright © 2016 by Jayne Fresina   Chapter One Ever Before   First the light, like a dying heartbeat, began to waver and dim. From that moment onward, everything that was normal and comforting transformed, from a once cheerfully glowing wick to a blob of fragile soot that curled inside the last tired lick of flame and finally expired, leaving a thin grey sigh. Then she felt the space thinning, smelled the burning, saw the air squeezing in on itself. And suddenly she stood in a tunnel, facing into the dark, her bones trembling with the...

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