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First Chapter - Victoria Vallo's Mate Me, Book Two - Alric's Runaway

Erotic Romance Gay Intersex Mate Me MM MPREG Romance SciFi Victoria Vallo

Alric’s Runaway Mate Me, Book Two Copyright © 2017 by Victoria Vallo     Chapter One   Alric stood at the edge of the grass behind the hangar bay and watched Mace’s ship depart. He kept thinking about what his brother had said to him moments earlier. My life has nothing to do with yours. It certainly shouldn’t destroy your happiness this way. Alric couldn’t exactly agree with that. Being the second son had always felt like a burden. His parents constantly compared him to his older brother Mace, who was smarter and stronger and far more hardworking than Alric...

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First Chapter -- Victoria Vallo's Assassin's Touch

Assassin's Touch Erotic Erotica Gay Intersex MM New Release Romance SciFi Victoria Vallo

Assassin's Touch Copyright © 2017 by Victoria Vallo   Chapter One   Korac sat on the too soft, too silky cushion in Barol’s lounge and eyed all of the robed bodies, as well as a few unrobed ones, moving about the room. Here on Nykon, pleasure slaves were referred to as regas, an ancient word associated with the harems of old, which once upon a time had only been kept by the planet’s royals. But times had changed. Now, money ruled over lineage, and the Nykonians did all they could to preserve that order. That very drive was the reason...

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