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First Glimpse - Jayne Fresina's The Mutinous Contemplations of Gemma Groot

Historical Historical Romance Jayne Fresina MF Mystery/Suspense New Release Romance Victorian

The Mutinous Contemplations of Gemma Groot An Unlikely Romance Copyright © 2017 by Jayne Fresina     Introduction Revelation Meat   One of the things I remember most about her, is that her nails were always well-tended, the fingertips blushing pink as the spring buds on her quince trees. Only later did I conclude that this effect was the natural result of meticulous scrubbing, necessary in the disposal of evidence. Venetia Warboys, by most accounts, a mild-mannered, generous, church-going woman, attractive but of modest deportment, had reached her thirty-fifth year with little out of the ordinary happening in her life....

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