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Coming Soon -- Daddy Tales Book Three

Coming Soon Daddy Tales Kelex

I'm currently working on the third installment of the Daddy Tales series and hope to have it complete by the end of August/early September. More news to come soon! Also... I'm still working on Avery and Wilder's tale, too. I'm trying to move four different versions of the book into one cohesive story. (Yes, I've written and rewritten this book four times...)   -Kelex

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First Glimpse: Kelex's A MONSTER FOR TWO BEARS

Bear Mountain Bear Shifters Erotic Erotic Romance Fantasy Gay Kelex Menage MMM MPREG New Release Paranormal Romance Shifters

A Monster for Two Bears Bear Mountain, 21 Copyright © 2018 by Kelex   Sent away for their own safety, Kai and Lane have lived away from Bear Mountain for nearly a decade. Calls from home finally bring them back for an extended visit. Lane’s papa is ill… and Kai needs to confront the demons of his past—namely the death of his father, Gregor, and his brother’s part in it. Declan is happy his younger brothers have finally come home and now is his chance to convince them to stay. Only it’s more difficult than he expected it to be....

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First Glimpse: Introducing Xander Kane with Night of the Dead

BDSM Erotic Erotica Fantasy Gay Kelex MM+ Multiple Partners New Release Paranormal Xander Kane

Kelex has created a new pen name - Xander Kane. Xander books will be erotica; her erotic romance will remain under the Kelex name...   Night of the Dead Copyright © 2018 by Kelex, Xander Kane   After losing a bet with his friends while vacationing in New Orleans, Tig is forced to jump over one of the guarded cemetery walls and spend one hour in the dark amongst the dead. He's scared out of his mind. It being the night before Halloween doesn't help his nerves, either. But Tig finds more than he bargained for inside those walls. He's not...

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First Glimpse - Kelex's New Neighbor (In Bed, 3)

Contemporary Erotic Erotic Romance Gay Kelex MM New Release Romance

New Neighbor (In Bed, 3) Copyright © 2018, Kelex   “All that hard work… for nothing,” Benji muttered as he stared into the full-length mirror. Sighing, his stare washed over his reflection. He was just as scrawny as he’d ever been. For weeks, he’d been going to the gym obsessively, trying to add some bulk to his too-lean body. He’d increased his food intake and yet—nothing. His buddy Jesse had given him some bulking powders to add to his morning drinks, but all Benji still saw in the mirror was a ninety-pound weakling. Of course, he wasn’t quite thatsmall, but...

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First Glimpse - Past Lovers (In Bed, 2) by Kelex

Contemporary Erotic Erotic Romance Erotica Gay Kelex MM New Release Romance

Past Lovers In Bed, 2 Copyright © 2018 by Kelex Five years ago, best friends Adam and Clay spent a drunken night together. Adam slipped from the guy’s bed before Clay awakened—and when nothing was said in the light of day—he thought maybe the secret was safe. Only Clay’s girlfriend had been in the room… and she used her knowledge to blackmail him into helping her hold on to Clay. Even if they were totally wrong for one another. Unable to let Clay go, Adam agreed. And so started his hell on earth. Close to the man who becomes his...

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