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First Glimpse: Best Friends (In Bed, 1) by Kelex

Contemporary Erotic Erotic Romance Erotica Gay Gay For You Kelex MM New Release

Best Friends In Bed, Book One Copyright © 2018 by Kelex   Olivia opened the door and drew him inside the semi-darkened room. “Livi!” Jesse turned and saw a half-naked woman on her knees. It took his eyes a moment to acclimate to the low light. A nightlight of some kind was on, giving the room a surreal glow. It eventually hit him that it was Mandy in her bra and panties, on her knees. Between Hayden’s thighs. He gasped inwardly as he realized Mandy was blowing Hayden. Jesse’s stare roamed over Hayden’s nakedness. His chest was bare, his jeans...

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