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First Glimpse - Kelex's Quarter 'til Midnight (Midnight, Mississippi, Book Two)

Dragon Erotic Romance Gay IR Kelex Lion Shifter Menage MMM MPREG New Release Paranormal Romance Shifters

Quarter 'til Midnight Midnight, Mississippi, Book Two Copyright © 2017 by Kelex   “My wingman, Garret, wasn’t so lucky,” Cannon said, slapping Garret on the shoulder and bringing him back to the present. “I’m starting to wonder if his cock’s gonna fall off.” “It’s in perfect working order, I can assure you,” Garret murmured before taking another sip. The warmth from the whiskey washed down his throat. He scanned the interior of the bar for the millionth time since he’d sat at the bar. Off-duty wasn’t in his vocabulary. “How long has it been since you’ve had a piece of...

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First Glimpse - Jayson Jax's Seized by the Cavemen

Cavemen Erotic Erotica Fantasy Gay Jayson Jax Menage MMM MPREG Multiple Partners Paranormal SciFi

Seized by the Cavemen Caveman Isle, 3 Copyright © 2017 by Jayson Jax The loud thump of the bass below vibrated through Drew Colesworth’s body. Seated in a dark corner of the same BDSM club in which he’d been confronted with the chance to fly to some distant island by his friend Jaime, he was now a changed man. He lifted his drink to his lips and took a sip, watching the patrons around him having the time of their lives. He wasn’t having the time of his life. The drink in his hand had no flavor. While those around...

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First Chapter - Victoria Vallo's Mate Me, Book Two - Alric's Runaway

Erotic Romance Gay Intersex Mate Me MM MPREG Romance SciFi Victoria Vallo

Alric’s Runaway Mate Me, Book Two Copyright © 2017 by Victoria Vallo     Chapter One   Alric stood at the edge of the grass behind the hangar bay and watched Mace’s ship depart. He kept thinking about what his brother had said to him moments earlier. My life has nothing to do with yours. It certainly shouldn’t destroy your happiness this way. Alric couldn’t exactly agree with that. Being the second son had always felt like a burden. His parents constantly compared him to his older brother Mace, who was smarter and stronger and far more hardworking than Alric...

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First Chapter - Victoria Vallo and Mace's Rebel

Erotic Gay Mate Me MM MPREG New Release Romance SciFi Victoria Vallo

Mace’s Rebel Mate Me, Book One Copyright © 2017 by Victoria Vallo   Chapter One   Mace opened each metal crate before scanning it in. The heating coils inside them cost a thousand units each, and he wasn’t going to let the pilot leave unless he was sure they had exactly the number they’d paid for. He would be heading out on a delivery run soon and ought to be packing, but he didn’t trust anyone else with this order. A knock came at the door. “Yes?” Mace called. The door opened, and his brother Alric stuck his head in....

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Prologue - Rescued by Kelex

Gay Kelex MM MPREG Novus Prime Rescued SciFi

        Rescued Novus Prime, 2 Copyright © 2016 by Kelex   Prologue Neptune Colony   “Hurry,” Titus Abernathy hissed to his son. Talking triggered another bout of the dreaded coughing. He choked back the sensation before lifting a bloody rag to his lips and attempting to muffle the sound. Still, it echoed in the cargo bay. His son jumped onto the edge of the transport and handed Titus the re-breather. Hopefully it would be enough to keep them both alive during the journey, but not if he used the oxygen inside more than necessary. Titus brushed his...

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