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Excerpt - Beast: A Bear Mountain Story (Project Zed, 1) by Kelex

Bear Mountain Erotic Gay Kelex Military MM New Release Paranormal Project Zed Romance Shifters



Project Zed, 1

Copyright © 2017 by Kelex

Cover design by Cover by K Designs

All cover art and logo copyright © 2017, Twisted Erotica Publishing, LLC.


"Who's Ronnie?"

Cal’s jaw clenched hard, and he moved his hand to the bars. Had he voiced his brother’s name or had the freak Indian gotten into his head? He cast a glance around, but didn’t see Samuel near. His gaze landed on Bull. “None of your fucking business.”

The rhino shifter’s lips lifted on one side, and the almost smile had Cal growling. He shouldn’t have shown emotion. He shouldn’t have allowed the male to have gotten under his skin.

Before Bull could show his ass again, Samuel entered the barn, carrying a tray of food. Cal’s body tensed, but for a completely different reason. He watched the human walk closer, trying to quell the need battling within.

Cal didn’t want the human. He didn’t.

No way.

Samuel met his stare before placing the tray on the floor and sliding it under the door.

“More cold eggs and toast? Shitty accommodations and terrible food,” Cal spat. “You’re some host.”

“You get what I can cook… which is three things,” Samuel said. “Don’t like it? Don’t eat.”

Cal leaned against the bars before inhaling the human’s rich, dark scent. It was leather and sandalwood mixed with something magical that called out to him. “I bet you taste better.”

Samuel’s face grew slightly red, his eyes wide.

Cal chuckled, but soon felt his body tense even more. His cock was hard as stone. He’d only meant to mess with the Indian’s head, not give himself a case of blueballs. Yet focusing on that need gave him something to do besides remembering his past. Groaning, he ran a hand down the front of his crotch and watched as Samuel’s stare followed it.

The native’s dark eyes darkened even more. His lips parted slightly and his tongue came out to swipe over his bottom lip. Cal inhaled and scented the human’s need. Once started, he found he rather liked Samuel’s reaction. “Why not come a little closer so I can find out?”



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