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Shifting Gears... and a Closing of Sorts...

A message from the owner of TEP:

I started Twisted E-Publishing in December 2012, as a means to self-publish my own works. At the time, a few friends were also interested in self-publishing, but lacked either the time, the desire, or the technological wherewithal to make the jump from publisher to self-publisher. So, I offered them a deal. For a small percentage, I would do the work for them.

And our little author collective was born.

Over the years, we've added new friends' stories to our backlist. As time passed, some authors have stopped writing, or shifted gears with new pen names. We stayed small, yet somehow we got bigger, too. More and more of my time was spent working on the business, and less and less was focused on writing—the very thing that started it all.

For some time now, I've considered my options. In January of this year, it became glaringly obvious. A choice would need to be made.

So, it's with a heavy heart that I announce that as of January 2020, Twisted E-Publishing will no longer be offering contracts on any submissions, new or existing authors alike.

Are we closing? Short answer—NO.

The TEP website and presence on vendors such as Amazon, BN, iBooks, etc will remain. All books already contracted prior to the announcement I made last month to the authors WILL be published.

Authors have been given the choice—keep their backlist with us OR get their rights back in December of 2019. Thus far, some authors have already opted to remain, while others have decided to get their rights back. Authors have also been given the chance to wrap up any existing series this year, as well.

So why make this announcement so early?

Transparency. I wanted my authors to know well in advance so they could make decisions about their future works with eyes wide open. It wouldn't have been fair to them to continue contracting books with me to only suddenly see an out of the blue announcement that the end was there.

It also gives them plenty of time to make plans for their backlists, if they opt to get their rights back, and prepare to re-publish. I've offered covers to any author who wants them—offering to remove the TEP logo and give them their covers for free, if they choose to self-publish.

I want this to be as smooth of a process as possible, for author and reader alike.

Many of you have been buying books from TEP for years and you're incredibly important to me. I'm still gobsmacked at how voracious readers some of you are, and I am humbled that you were willing to help us find our dreams of publishing by purchasing our stories.

As we transition, you might start to notice fewer new releases coming out and less of a presence on social media. I didn't want any of you to worry about what was going on... we're moving in the exact direction we need to be moving.

And, of course, I simply wanted you to hear the news directly from me.

So what happens in 2020?

  • Books will still be available on our website and vendors, though the amount of books will likely be fewer than what we offer now
  • Any series already in the process of French translation will be completed, and may run over into 2020
  • NEW Kelex titles (Yes, that's me!) will continue to be published via TEP without pause
  • Any of my pen names will continue to be published via TEP without pause
  • Any Kelex translations will continue to be published via TEP without pause
  • Jayne Fresina titles will continue to be published via TEP because of a separate agreement she and I have made with each other

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and for bearing with us as we transition over this next year. The stories will still be coming, just not quite as often as they once did. I hope you don't forget that we're here, still spinning out tales.



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  • Amilyn Lina on

    Glad you’re still publishing your stuff. I just found this site not long ago!! Mpreg is a hard topic to find and I’m loving it!!

  • Narda Manderson on

    I am new to this site,however not new to your books. Congratulations. So sorry to be late. Is it too late to get a listing or a catalogue of your past works? I would appreciate that. Best wishes in 2020 as well.

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