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What's up with all these OUT OF STOCK books?

Kindle Unllimited Out of Stock

You might have noticed a lot of "Out of Stock" books on our site recently -- and being that they're e-books, how in the heck does that happen?

Well, those books are Kindle Unlimited Exclusive books -- and Amazon's rules on KU books is that they CANNOT be for sale anywhere else, including our own website. So, we decided to let you know the book is out and available for sale, but sadly, we can't sell it to you without the possibility of the book being yanked from the KU program.

Once these books have spent their 90 days in KU, we plan to sell them at other vendors and our own site, so ePub readers can purchase and read them, too. While we hate making you ePub readers wait, we are bound by Amazon's rules, sadly.

Look for these titles to be available soon!

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