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First Chapter - Hayden West With the Professor

Erotic Erotica Gay MM Multiple Partners New Release

With the Professor

Copyright © 2016 by Hayden West

Chapter One

Aidan Nelson adjusted his backpack, altered his body’s angle, and did his best to avoid direct hits from the hard pounding rain as he jogged over the quad toward his destination—the dry classroom. Where I’m already late. Myth and Reality in the American Past was the class he’d much rather be sleeping through. The professor for this class put nearly everyone to that precise state anyway with his monotone voice.

He muttered unpleasant words under his breath as he continued on. What the hell possessed me to become a history major? Somedays I think I should’ve picked something a bit more exciting. Like fermentation sciences, at least then I could be drinking on a day like this and not hopping over the puddles trying to make it to class before the thing fucking ends.

Even as he continued on, he knew he’d never study anything else. He loved history. Just today he’d much rather stay in bed and sleep. His roommate, Giles, and the man’s girlfriend kept him up all night with their screaming, and yes, both of them did.

Faking it, if you ask me.

He drew open the door as a yawn escaped. This was going to be a huge effort on his part not to fall asleep at the dry, dull tone of his ancient professor. The man looked like he’d been there during the American past and could very easily be giving firsthand experience.

Shaking his head to dislodge the excess water, Aidan hustled down the hall to the doors to the auditorium. He yanked it open and stepped inside.

Two things hit him at once. One, it wasn’t Professor Larks boring the class into a stupor, but a guest lecturer. And two, the class wasn’t bored.

He stared down the steps to the man in the front of the room. Professor Keenan. Lust slammed into Aidan the second he took in the silver grayed hair, fit body, and the way the black slacks formed against the professor’s body.

Great. Now not only am I late but I get to sit through class with my dick hard and pressing against my wet jeans.

It had been far too long since he’d had a good night of sex. With the new roommate, he hadn’t quite felt comfortable bringing a man home. While he didn’t flaunt his preference, and tended to keep it separate from other parts of his life, he wasn’t stupid. Not with all the shit going on these days.

“Nice of you to join us, Mr. Nelson.”

Aidan froze as every head in the large room swiveled toward him. Sure, it wasn’t full capacity, hell hardly even a quarter, but regardless he didn’t need all of them staring at him like he was an ass. How did this guy know my name?

“Didn’t realize we were taking attendance in a lecture.” Aidan made his way to a seat, setting his bag in the empty chair beside him.

“When there are thirty-five in a class and only thirty-four here, it’s not hard.”

Aidan bristled. It was university, not high school. “Now there are thirty-five.” He barely kept the remainder of his snarky reply contained. He had a short temper; it’s why school had taken him so long to get to. Most of the people in the class were younger than him by ten years, but he’d had life to live before getting back into school.

The professor stared for a moment before turning away from him. Aidan grabbed his notebook and sat back, attention on the hot fill-in, guest lecturer. In truth, he loved this class, loved all his classes.

He’d already missed half the class and he couldn’t find the wherewithal to concentrate now. Grateful he had chosen his seat in the back—last of the used rows, there were still many behind him—he allowed his right hand to drift below the notebook and settle up on his denim encased cock. Gently, he moved the heel of his hand over the damp material, creating more friction as he listened and took notes. Well, the best he could.

To be truthful, most of his notes were chicken scratch and when the lecture ended, he hadn’t resolved anything, just created more of a need to jack off.

Or have sex.

He gathered his items slowly while others hurried out. Personally, he wasn’t in a rush to get back out in the storm. He didn’t have another class for two hours and would at least be on time for this next class.

“Mr. Nelson.”

Deep. Sexy. Masculine. The voice moved over him, and he hid a shudder.

Peering up he found himself staring at the man in front of him. “Yes, Professor?”

“I don’t tolerate people coming in late to my class. Next time, if you’re going to be late, don’t bother coming in at all. It’s disrespectful and distracting to the other students, the ones who want to learn and value my time at the front of the class. I suggest you leave your dorm room earlier if you’re having troubles getting here.”

Aidan licked his lips and tilted his head. “First, I don’t believe this is your class. Two, I don’t live on campus and was detained by an accident. Three, I pay to attend school here, if I want to come in one minute before the class lets out, I can.”

Professor Keenan shook his head. “No, you can’t. This is now my class, as Professor Larks won’t be coming back this semester. Had you been here early, it would have been explained to you and you would have received the new synopsis for the rest of the course. As it is, I would suggest you find your way to my office and pick one up. I have Larks’ office.” He leaned closer, bringing with him a scent of sandalwood. Aidan’s gut clenched with hunger. “This is a new day, Mr. Nelson. My classroom, my rules.” He backed off and walked up the aisle.

Aidan turned, watching the man’s tight ass as he left. “Shit,” he muttered, releasing a shaky breath. “Shit, shit, shit.”

He’d been so tempted to lean in and press his lips to the professor’s, it wasn’t funny. Sure, he’d had some instant attractions before, but nothing at all like this. Silver fox suddenly held an entirely different meaning for him now.

Thunder shook the building, and he glanced around him. Alone in the room. The huge room. And he knew that this particular auditorium stayed empty for another two hours on this day, tomorrow there was a class directly after theirs but today, he had the place to himself. He put his notebook back in his bag and undid the single button on his jeans. The zipper he lowered carefully and groaned in relief when his cock sprang free.

There was a reason he went commando. Another look around and he curved his hand around his dick. Although, truth be told, if there was some peeping Tom lurking about sneaking a peek at him, he wouldn’t mind. Aidan loved the risk factor, that someone could come in or may be watching him. Stare at him with his cock in hand and wish they could touch him, or be touching themselves as they found their own release.

He stroked, up and down, alternating the pressure he applied. Eyes drifting closed before they bounced back open, he thought of the touch he’d been missing for so long. Up and down he worked his hand, pinching the head of his pulsing cock to delay his release.

Swiping his hand over the head, he moaned at the explosion of feeling that rocked through him. He bit the inside of his cheek to keep his sound contained and increased his speed.

It wasn’t long and drawn out, it was a need for short release. He grunted low and came with a rush. His hand covered with cum, he swore as he dug in his bag for something to clean himself up with. A second shirt.

Now a bit more relaxed, he cleaned up, put the shirt away, and pushed to his feet. He zipped his bag and strode up toward the door just as it opened to allow in a kissing couple.

He mumbled as he moved by them and stepped out into the hallway. Empty of all people and outside hadn’t let up on the rain any.

Thank God my next class is in this building as well. Just on the sixth floor. Watching the power flicker, he ignored the elevator and began the trek up the stairs. As he walked, he thought about the professor again.

Wonder what happened to the old man. He paused on the fourth floor and debated going to see if he could actually persuade his new prof to give him a copy of the notes he’d missed. They had a mid-term nearing, and he needed all the help he could get. Okay, so it wasn’t that dire but he had no intentions of dropping his GPA.

Aidan pushed onto the floor from the stairs and made his way to what he remembered to be the other professor’s office. The door was shut with Professor Keenan’s name on the plaque. He knocked twice, and no answer was forthcoming.

“You looking for Keenan?”

He turned to spy an older white woman nearing.

“Yes. Do you know when he’ll be back?”

“Probably not until closer to six. I know he has a class until five-fifty.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem. I’ve seen you around. You stopped by occasionally when Dr. Larks was around.”

“He okay?”

“Not really. Had a heart attack over the weekend, so Dr. Keenan took over. They knew each other from another university.”

“And how long has Dr. Keenan been teaching history?”

“Years and years.” She gave him a kind smile. “I know this is hard with mid-terms approaching, but he’s a great teacher. Always has his door open to help students. You’ll be fine.” She patted him on the arm and walked off.

Sure. Problem is, this man already doesn’t like me much. Not sure how willing he will be to help me out.

With a low groan, he made his way back to the stairwell and headed up the final two flights he had to traverse before his class. Seated outside the door, he tried to make some sense of the chicken scratch he took from the previous class. It wasn’t working. His thoughts were still too focused on his new, hot as fuck professor.

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