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First Chapter - Hayden West's Undercover Blue

Undercover Blue

Copyright © 2017 by Hayden West

Chapter One

Justin Sanders, currently Justin Markston, passed along the two hundred dollars he’d folded between his index and middle fingers to the beefy man at the door. The man pocketed it and gave a small nod prior to opening the door, admitting him.

Each step down the narrow hall had him wishing he was back across the country at his job instead of here doing this undercover bit. He pushed through another door and smiled as his gaze landed on the dark haired Latin man he’d been in a relationship with for the last two months. There were some perks for sure and it kept the dark at bay.

Those nearly black eyes landed on him and the smile kicking up firm kissable lips had him thinking things best served in a much more private place. Justin didn’t stop until their lips were pressed tightly against each other. He pushed his tongue into the man’s mouth and groaned when it was met. His lover curved an arm around him.

“Hi,” Justin said, breaking off the kiss.

“Hey, yourself,” Damon Jackson said. “How did you get back here?”

“Paid off the hunk of muscle at the door.”

Damon chuckled and patted Justin’s ass. “If you’d told me you were coming I would have told him to let you by.”

“I don’t mind.” His bosses may not be happy with the money he was tossing around but he was there to do a job, not necessarily make people back east happy.

Justin gazed about the back room. He’d only been here a few times while he and Damon were together. He hated it. The dark paneling gleamed in the numerous lights. Tasteless, in his opinion, but he wasn’t much on the gold gilded decorating idea. Not that he was a decorator, he wasn’t, he was vice. But he preferred simple to gaudy, which this definitely had in spades. The gold and deep purples looked to him like a harem met eccentric and had an ugly baby.

Damon did as well, or so he claimed, he just worked back there. It wasn’t his scheme but Mr. Moretti’s, who Damon worked for.

Justin glanced back to the man who’d come on the scene three months ago, rising swiftly through the ranks. He understood why, Damon was ruthless, brutal, and carried out Moretti’s orders without question. Not to mention, Damon had a brilliant mind and had gotten them into plenty of lucrative business opportunities.

While Justin knew he shouldn’t be in a relationship with a man he was going to have to arrest when this all went down, he had to take the chance when it had presented itself, because he was too far down on the ranking to get truly good intel. This way he was at least with a man who had the ear of the bigwig. Justin was in this as a mid-level dealer and had good connections, but they needed more. Hopefully that more would come with Damon. Either way, he couldn’t be seen dating an upstanding citizen either and given Damon had no problems letting people know he was gay, Justin took the break.

Leaning against the bar, Justin watched Damon as he handled his business for Mr. Moretti. There were three other men in the room and they looked positively scared of Damon. Justin didn’t blame them. Mr. Moretti had chosen well. As the head of the Moretti crime family, they dealt in running guns, laundering money, trafficking, and drugs. If it went against the law, they participated in it. Justin was only trusted so much, and that was purely because he was dating Damon.

Or fucking him, as they saw it.

Justin’s own boss, Rafael Lomos, hadn’t wanted him to come, but when one of the Moretti family killed his partner, he didn’t give him much choice. The Moretti’s had a long reach and one of their guys had shown up in his town. The end result was him being undercover to avenge his dead partner.

He fixed himself a drink and slid his gaze back to Damon. His lover’s black pants cupped his firm ass. Broad shoulders tapered to a narrow waist. The man was fit, no doubt.

Damon turned and winked. Justin toasted him then sat a bit off to the side so he could overhear but not appear to be eavesdropping. He had to get more intel on the large score coming up. Needed the location, date, and time. And he needed to ensure Mr. Moretti attended. From all accounts, though, the man was hands on. Good news and bad. Good since he would most likely be there. Bad since then security would be even more tight.

His order killed my partner and I will have my revenge.

Justin kept his attention on his drink, aware this room didn’t have cellphones in it. Damon kept a box outside by the entrance to the building—so a left on microphone couldn’t pick up any chatter—and if you were caught with one? Instant execution. Justin had seen it twice. Damon killed one and his guard another.

Not entirely sure where Damon fit into the food chain other than rapidly rising and high up, Justin had even asked for background from his handler. Nothing hidden to be found. Damon was as stated.

“Ready for supper?”

Justin peered up at Damon and smiled.


Damon’s expression grew hot as he ran his hungry gaze over Justin. “You work too hard.” A lazy shoulder shrug. “I can give you a job. Better hours, better pay. Benefits.”

Justin’s cock swelled inside his slacks. “I already get the benefits. Besides, I don’t want you to think I’m only with you for what you can do for me.”

Damon laughed. “Aren’t you?”

Justin was thankful for his years of doing undercover with both knowledge of when and how to maintain his expression. Had his cover been blown? Did Damon know who he was? He didn’t believe so, but that statement gave him doubts.

“You look confused. I was talking about how you like my dick.” Damon leaned against him, allowing Justin to feel what he’d just mentioned. That thick, long cock he loved both up his ass and down his throat. “Just for the record, feel free to keep using me for it,” Damon continued.

Justin ran a hand up Damon’s leg. “True. I do love your dick and trust me, I will keep using you for it.”

“I have no problem giving you a job with me, Justin.”

Don’t sound too eager, make him push a few times. Justin listened to his brain, he couldn’t afford to be too eager, but this opportunity would position him even closer. Justin pretended to mull it over a bit.

“Are you sure Mr. Moretti won’t mind you bringing someone else in?”

Damon froze before his hand slid up and down his back. “He’ll be okay with it.”

“Okay then, I accept. I just didn’t want you in trouble with your boss.”

Damon’s smile nearly eradicated his hunger…for food.

“Good. Let’s eat, then we can celebrate.”

Justin walked to the door beside him. He waited while Damon picked up his phone.

“Where’s your phone?” Damon scrolled through his.

“Car. I knew I was coming straight here.”

Damon paused, then nodded. Together they stepped out into the late Indian summer evening. With a brief pause at his Toyota to grab his phone, they strolled down to one of their favorite places to eat.

After supper, Justin drove to his one bedroom apartment, Damon drove behind him in his much larger, more expensive SUV.

Justin’s lover’s mouth was on him the moment the door shut behind them. Justin pushed into him, gripping him at the waist. Tongues mashed against each other and Justin groaned.

Damon drew away and gave a small smile. “I have to go.”

Justin bit back his disappointment. He wanted to spend some time with Damon. Work or not, he loved the way Damon made him feel.

“See you tomorrow?”

Damon nodded. “I’m at the club. Come by early.”

Exactly where he needed to be. “I’ll see you then.”

Justin held the door open and enjoyed the tight ass moving down the hall. Shutting the door, he walked to the window and made sure he saw Damon leave. Once he had, Justin moved his loveseat off the brown and red area rug and kicked it out of the way. On his knees, he tapped a small square in the floor, it popped up, showing him his cubby.

Bypassing his badge, he went for the bug detector and phone. After his sweep, ensuring he was fine and secure, he called his handler. “I have an update on the situation.”


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