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First Glimpse: Aliyah Burke's Breaking All the Rules

Aliyah Burke Contemporary Erotic Romance Interracial IR MF New Release Romance

Breaking All the Rules

by Aliyah Burke



“We’ll see you in a week then, Ms. Lamar.”

“Yessir. And thank you again, Mr. Wilder.”

He chuckled. “We’ll be working closely together, please, call me Adam.”

“How about I think about it and let you know?”

“I’ll take it. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.” The call disconnected.

Alyse Lamar had every intention of doing so. She pocketed her phone with a soft yet emphatic, “Yes!”

She had gone in for this job three months ago. After meeting with a company man named Rhodi, being interviewed, and making it through their vetting process, she’d made the short list. Which led to more of the same. As they were making final decision she’d let them know—again—she would be out of the country for two weeks.

Honestly, she’d been under the belief that would have taken her out of the running for the position. Her shock at Adam’s—one she’d yet to meet in person—call, she knew went through when she spoke to him. None mattered for the job was hers.

A fist pump and another, “Yes!”

Spinning back to the bar, she drummed her hands along the shiny, smooth top. “Bartender.”

The hot man made his way down to her. “Yes, beautiful?”

She smiled at him. “Another beer please.”

“Of course. Same kind as before?”

“Yes, please.”

He grabbed the bottle, popped the top, and placed it before her. “Good news?”

She took a swig and nodded. “Got the job I’ve been hoping for.”

He winked and pocketed the money slid over to him. Alyse toasted him with her beer and turned back to get off the stool. She walked down to the edge of the water.

The silken sand beneath her feet combined with the warm liquid lapping at her toes had her sighing in pleasure. Once she finished her beer, she pivoted and made her way back to the bar where she handed the bottle over.

She stuck her hands in her pockets and made her way down the beach. Not far away, a group of mixed aged people were dancing along the water. The guys there beckoned her and she went willingly. Time passed as she danced and sweated to the pounding music.

Arms up, she shook her hips, lower lip caught in her teeth. Through the crowd of spectators, her gaze landed on a man who watched her hungrily. His dark blond hair, shone golden in the sun’s rays. He stood braced shoulder-width apart, muscular arms crossed and a drink in one hand.

From here, she couldn’t identify eye color but all she could see, was nice. Oh, so nice. He gave her a brief nod and wriggled his fingers in her direction. Her grin turned saucy and she crooked a finger at him.

He tipped back his drink, placed the bottle in the sand, and strode toward her. The sun gleamed off his bare tanned skin as he prowled closer. Mediterranean blue eyes honed in on her face as he reached out and snagged her around the waist with one arm.

Electricity sparked out from his touch and spread throughout her. Pelvises rubbing against one another, her core temperature skyrocketed. His touch, the catalyst to the burning embers created from the output of energy from her dancing. Alyse rested her arms over his shoulders as they continued to keep the beat and grind with the music.

That very thing segued to a slow romantic song. Her mysterious dance partner moved a few sweaty tendrils to rest behind her ear. She laced her fingers behind his neck.

“Hi,” he murmured. He placed his hands on her ass, ensuring to keep them pressed together.

His thick length was unavoidable. But then, if he were willing she’d not be avoiding it at all.


“Are we exchanging names?” His voice was sin on earth, making her think along the lines of all kinds of naughtiness.

He moved one hand to the center of her back, bringing her closer still as he nuzzled her neck. He smelled like man, adventure, and sweat. A great smell, in her humble opinion.

“Does it matter?”

“Only if you want me to call your name out in bed tonight.”

Heat spiked and she smiled as she dragged her fingers through the short hair on the back of his head.

“Alyse.” She murmured in his ear and nipped the lobe. “And you?”


A thrill kicked through her. “Do you live up to your name?”

“I’ll ask you that in the morning.”


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