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First Glimpse - Kelex's Bitten by Midnight (Midnight Mississippi, 4)

Erotic Erotic Romance Fantasy Gay Kelex Menage Midnight Mississippi MMM New Release Paranormal Police Romance Shifters Suspense

Bitten by Midnight 

Midnight Mississippi, 4

Copyright © 2018 by Kelex

Kane doesn’t much like the idea of becoming a member of the King’s Guard through default. He’s much more interested in remaining on the taskforce he’s already on—an elite group of Midnight police who hunt the things that nearly killed him twenty years before.
The things that did kill his entire family. And left him as a Halfling vampire.
He’s vowed to destroy every vampire in Midnight, eager for vengeance.
During one of the taskforce's raids—the one that garnered him his berth as a guardsman—he comes across a man bitten all to hell by the vamps. Kane instantly recognized him as a mate. The king’s uncle, Ralnur, is close to death when Kane carries him from the nest, terrifying an already shaken Halfling.
Seeing a mate as a weakness, Kane refuses to make the claim—but he will save the man’s life the only way he knows how. By making Ralnur the very thing he hunts.
As he runs from the attraction he feels, fate steps in and hurtles him into a meeting with his second mate. He’s assigned to protect the researcher tasked with finding out who turned the king’s uncle into a vampire. Kane refuses to endanger Ralnur and Caelian by bringing them into his life and the battle he wages against the undead.
No matter how much the instinct demands he mark them with his bite.


Caelian sat across from him. “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”

Kane smiled.

“Both my parents were mixed race. My mother was Nymph, Human, and Fae. My father was Elvish, Human, and Witch. I’m basically a mutt, but mostly Human. Impure blooded and not accepted by any of them.”

Kane winced. He understood being ostracized. Many residents of Midnight didn’t care for vamps. And the combos explained a lot. Caelian was much too tall to be all Elf and too good looking not to have a little Fae blood. Witch made sense with those wards. The nymph part was interesting. Could be why the guy was showing off his body and throwing come hither looks over the table as he made his plate.

Come hither looks were going to become harder and harder to ignore as the night progressed.

“So, how do you do it?”

“Do what?” Kane asked as he made his plate.

“Not drink blood.”

Kane sensed the amulet sitting on his chest. “Ancient secret.”

“Oh come on!” Caelian lowered his plate to the table. “I said I’d share if you did.”

“I didn’t agree to those terms,” Kane said before lifting a bit of the stew to his lips. “Oh, damn. That is good.”

Caelian watched him for a moment. “I didn’t know Halflings ate real food.”

“We don’t eat. Much.” Kane eyed him. “Just enough to get by.”

Caelian didn’t respond. Nor did he say much as they ate. Kane packed it in, his hunger monumental. He could feel the elfling’s stare on him as he ate. Once they were done and had cleaned up the mess, Kane noted it was nearly eleven.

“What time do you usually get up and head over to the archive?” Kane asked.

“About seven,” Caelian said. “The walk’s not far from here.”

“I suppose you should get some rest then,” Kane said, looking around. “I can head outside and guard the door while you sleep.”

He rose from the table and headed toward the door.

“Don’t go,” Caelian said, rising.

As Kane turned around, he watched the towel drift to the floor. His stare moved down, and he got the first look at his elf.

All of his elf.

Caelian was… gorgeous. And Kane wanted to lick every square inch of the man. More than once. Caelian’s hard cock jutted before him, leaking a tiny bit of jizz.

“Stay,” Caelian murmured. “I’d rather notbe alone.”

Kane felt his cock screaming its approval of that idea. He took a step closer, need propelling him forward.


Kane lifted his stare away. I can’t touch him.

I’m here to guard him. Protect him. I can’t do that in his bed.

He dragged his gaze away, willing himself enough strength to say no. “I’ll be just outside.”

Kane could see the disappointment in Caelian’s golden gaze.

Don’t worry, Caelian. I’m just as disappointed.

He moved outside the doors, the soft click of the knob a welcome sound. His body raged under that golden armor of his, his heart slamming against his ribcage.

A heartbeat.



What the hell is happening to me?


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