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Interview with Aliyah Burke

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Hi all!  This is Kellie, owner of TEP.

A few nights ago, I had the chance to catch up with one of my favorite people, Aliyah Burke.  We used to live close to one another and we’d get together once a month for a lunch that would last four or five hours – literally.  I’m sure the staff at the Olive Garden thought we were weirdos.  We’d get there at 11 AM when the doors opened, and we’d leave just before we might get stuck in rush hour traffic – 3 or 4 PM.

(If you ever hear her talking about her love of LEMON CRÈME CAKE – No lunch at the OG was complete without a cup of hot tea with a side of this cake -- and a healthy dose of shop talk!)

But Aliyah moved to the other side of the world (okay, maybe not that far) a few months ago and left me here.  No more mega lunches, no more gab fests… just a few quick chats and emails. 

So when the planets FINALLY aligned, we had our catch-up chat we both needed.

Since the conversation circled around often to what she was working on, I had the idea to share it with you guys (with her permission, of course).


[Random catching up happened before we let you take a peek…]

Kellie: So what's shaking???

I mean - I know you've got the Last Call series coming -- LOVE that idea BTW -- but I'm sure you've got a million and two things you're working on

(Side Note from Kellie – the first book, Tequila Smash is in editing now – so it’s COMING SOON!)

Aliyah: I am working on the next in the Last Call series later this month

Kellie: I LOVE the Last Call idea -- with the recipe and the theme tying each book together.  So cute

Aliyah: Thanks. I am hoping to have a recipe in for each book as well

[Caught up a bit more, things we can’t share here. Don’t be mad – we haven’t talked in FOREVER!]

Aliyah: I can't wait until I can be back to writing FT

Kellie: Is that something you see on the horizon any time soon?

Aliyah: Not for a bit yet, I want to pad my 401k a bit more and health insurance is nice to not have to pay so much for

Kellie: I hear you there [Insert random bitching about the current prices of health insurance]

Aliyah: it's just crazy expensive

Kellie: [Insert a little more bitching – sorry, it’s a tender spot right now!]

Aliyah: Damn…holy crap, that’s insane…

Kellie: I wish my daughter could get insurance at work.

Aliyah: btw, is she liking her job

Kellie: Oh, she's loving the job

Aliyah: Wonderful.

Kellie: How's the hubby doing?

Did he find something he likes doing out there?

Aliyah: Good, he's [GOT A JOB]

Kellie: Oh good -- so he's getting some use out of that degree he got in the military

Aliyah: He's not found his "it" job but it’s better than the shipyard

Kellie: Yeah, and they'll both give him experience in his field

Aliyah: He wants [particular government job], so he can pad what he got from the Navy, years-in wise

Kellie: Oh, that would be great for him.  And coming from the military -- he understands bureaucracy!  LOL

Aliyah: Right and can't stand it, but the benefits are better

Kellie: I would imagine -- all the holidays and government days off.  So what shift have you gone to? (Note: She works too damned much)

Aliyah: 5-1:30 for this month

Kellie:  And yes I'm asking a lot of questions -- 1) haven't talked in forever and 2) I always made our lunches about me

[Side note from Kellie: I really did.  I love to run my mouth. Her denials later – just ignore them]

Aliyah: LOL no you didn't make them about you and yes, we haven't talked in forever.

Kellie: If he's [working nights], does he sleep while you're at work? And then the two of you spend time in the evenings? Cuz I'm still trying to figure out when you're writing -- or sleeping -- because I don't see where you have time for both

Aliyah: Yes, he gets home about 8:30 in the morning and I get home about 2pm, we spend some time then he crashes again and I get my writing in

He leaves for work about 9:30 at night and I’m in bed no later than 10 as I’m up at 3

Kellie: At least you have some time carved out with those wacky schedules

Aliyah: Yes not much but more than when he was deployed for months at end

Kellie: True.

Aliyah: [Insert some gripes about time and worrying about the new house]

Kellie: Have you got a start date for the house, now that you mention it?

(Note from Kellie – Aliyah and hubby have bought a plot of land and are planning to build a house on it soon! I’m so excited for her)

And yes I did take over our conversations... You're too nice

Aliyah: Not yet. Cars breaking down, the puppy and a bunch of other shit, pushed it back-and

lol no you didn't

Kellie: I'm sorry to hear that.  It'll come though 🙂

You made [her new state] happen.  You'll make the house happen

Aliyah: I keep telling myself that but honestly getting depressed.

Kellie: Don't let it get you down

Aliyah: I'm trying not to but...

I need to get more books out so I can see it come sooner. I've got quite a bit to send you this year, time to wrap up some series.

 [Some mushy I’ll be there for you talk... I figured y’all didn’t need to hear how cheesy we got]

Kellie: BTW -- The Maddoxxes? (Side Note from Kellie - The Detective's Lover is her first book in the Maddoxxes series, click on the cover to read more!)

It jumped out at me when I was formatting Beyond His Control

Aliyah: Yes, two more on the schedule for this year as well as Denim & Spurs

Kellie: Okay, cool

Aliyah: If I can find time for historicals, another in the Graham Family

Kellie: You know -- I should edit this conversation and make it an interview.  Take out the more personal stuff and share the book stuff

"An Interview with Aliyah Burke"  HA

Aliyah: Feel free.

Kellie: And NO -- that wasn't why I was asking questions

Aliyah: lol, I know

[Insert a bunch of work related chat that has to remain behind the scenes]

 Kellie: Thanks for the chatting -- I needed it 🙂

We'll talk soon again


Aliyah: Yes again soon. I needed it too. Night. Best to the family.

Kellie: Give the pups and the hubs a hug from us.  Miss you ❤


Aliyah Burke is a USA Today Bestselling Romance Author.  Her books tend to revolve around the military, thanks to her time spent married to a man in the US Navy. She now lives in the Pacific Northwest with her retired from the Navy hubby and her many, gorgeous dogs.

Aliyah's website can be found HERE

You can find all her releases with TEP HERE

Her most recent release is BEYOND HIS CONTROL, and you can find that HERE

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