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Coming Soon -- Daddy Tales Book Three

Coming Soon Daddy Tales Kelex

I'm currently working on the third installment of the Daddy Tales series and hope to have it complete by the end of August/early September. More news to come soon! Also... I'm still working on Avery and Wilder's tale, too. I'm trying to move four different versions of the book into one cohesive story. (Yes, I've written and rewritten this book four times...)   -Kelex

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Shifting Gears... and a Closing of Sorts...

A message from the owner of TEP: I started Twisted E-Publishing in December 2012, as a means to self-publish my own works. At the time, a few friends were also interested in self-publishing, but lacked either the time, the desire, or the technological wherewithal to make the jump from publisher to self-publisher. So, I offered them a deal. For a small percentage, I would do the work for them. And our little author collective was born. Over the years, we've added new friends' stories to our backlist. As time passed, some authors have stopped writing, or shifted gears with new...

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First Glimpse - Hayden West and OMRI

Omri Ascension, Book Four Copyright © 2019 by Hayden West   I’m one of the Virtues. My job is to preside over weather events and movement of the celestial bodies. Despite my limited interaction with humans, I am drawn by this one who I witness kill a demon. From that moment on, our lives are entangled. There is more going on down here, and among my kind, than I had believed. All I know is I want him at my side through it all. I am… Omri   Chapter One   The sound of live electricity spilled through the pre-dawn...

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What's up with all these OUT OF STOCK books?

Kindle Unllimited Out of Stock

You might have noticed a lot of "Out of Stock" books on our site recently -- and being that they're e-books, how in the heck does that happen? Well, those books are Kindle Unlimited Exclusive books -- and Amazon's rules on KU books is that they CANNOT be for sale anywhere else, including our own website. So, we decided to let you know the book is out and available for sale, but sadly, we can't sell it to you without the possibility of the book being yanked from the KU program. Once these books have spent their 90 days in KU,...

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First Glimpse: April Andrews' OMEGA ABDUCTED

April Andrews Erotic Erotic Romance Fantasy Gay MM New Release Paranormal Romance Shifters The Omega Auctions Wolves

Omega Abducted The Omega Auctions, 9 Copyright © 2019 by April Andrews   Chapter One The ballroom that Alexander Lupin found himself in on a cold, rainy night was a perfect circle—or at least as perfect a circle as human hands could make. In the middle of that ballroom was a circular stage. Around that stage were over a dozen circular tables. And, if that wasn’t enough, the golden lights suspended above him, dozens and dozens of them, were also circular, or spheres he supposed. The only break in the smooth curves came from the people who were busy making...

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