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Claimed by Victoria Vallo

Gay Imprisoned New Release SciFi Victoria Vallo


Grim woke up alone, the covers tucked up around him. Looking out the window to the right of the large bed, he saw the sun low in the sky. Was it sunset, or had he somehow slept through the rest of the day and then through the night as well? He got up and found his discarded robe draped over the end of the bed. He tied the robe around him again and walked out of the bedroom. Duncan sat in the large main room working at the com station. He spoke quietly to someone through a headset, and Grim could see someone on a smaller screen on the right side. Vague memories of Duncan making calls while they were on the ship drifted back to him, but he realized he still had no idea what Duncan did for a living.

He must do well if he could afford to free me. That thought made Grim wonder. How much had Duncan paid? How much had he been willing to pay? Though he didn’t know where Duncan lived now, it was obvious the man wasn’t lying about having rushed to Grim’s aid. There had to be a kind of love in that, right?

Grim moved away and went into the kitchenette and got a glass of water. He stood at the sink drinking it, and before long Duncan finished his call and came into the room.

“There’s food in the refrigerator. You were sleeping so soundly I couldn’t make myself wake you,” Duncan said. “I ordered lots of different things, counting on you still having the same taste in food.”

“Thank you,” he said quietly, rubbing his left eye. “What time is it?”

“About seven in the morning here. I figured you probably had trouble sleeping at the prison.”

“Yeah, hard to relax.” Grim sighed and put his glass down. “Guess we need to talk.”

“About what?”

Grim couldn’t help gaping at the other man. “Everything. The past. What’s happening right now. What happened yesterday.”

“We can talk about whatever you like, but I think we’ve settled one thing.” He came closer and drew Grim to him. “You’re mine. We belong together.” His breath was warm on Grim’s ear as he added, “Being with you was perfect.”

Grim ignored that part. “But I’m not a possession. My sentence was six months. You can’t threaten me any longer than that because your contract with the prison will be up then.”

“Six months is more than enough time to make you see sense.”

Grim pulled away. “See sense? There you go again.”

“So you didn’t enjoy being with me yesterday?”

Grim thought about lying, but what would be the point? “It was amazing, but I’ve had great sex before. I’m sure you have, too.”

“Yes, but nothing like what we shared. I’ve never felt such an urge to claim someone, to fill them with my cum.”

Grim knew this conversation would lead them straight back to the bedroom, a place where Duncan was the one who held all the power. “But you’re referring to me giving in to you as seeing sense, as if I’m stupid or something if I reject you.” He blew his breath out in a loud huff and shook his head. “Can we just eat and do something normal? I know I’m being tracked, so I won’t run away. Let’s just, you know, do something else besides talk about the past and fucking.”

“Fine with me. You were the one who wanted to talk,” Duncan said with a grin.

Grim scowled at him. “Then I take it back. I’m not ready for that yet.”

“If you say so,” Duncan said softly before walking across the room.

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