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Sacrificed to the Harvest God by Kelex

Erotic Gay Horror Kelex New Release


A Beginning


Callum Truthstale brushed his hand through Weaver’s soft golden brown locks.  His lover’s hair wasn’t much darker than the wheat they now lay hidden within. Wheat that should’ve already been cut, but was still untouched, thankfully.  They needed the tall plants to hide themselves amongst.  Lowering his head, he captured a brief kiss.  As he lifted, he licked his lips, savoring the taste of the man.

A man he shouldn’t want.

“We don’t have much time left,” Weaver said, a frown twisting his handsome features.  “I fear my father’s growing suspicious of all my time spent away from the farm.”

Weaver’s father was the head of the town council and owned the largest plot of land in the territory.  Janus Proudwater was a forbidding man, one no resident of the town which bore his name would want to anger.  Farms had been lost for something as simple as an evil look his way. Callum should’ve known better than to fall in love with the man’s son, but the heart chose what the heart chose. 

“A few more minutes,” Callum said before sipping from Weaver’s lips once more.  Weaver opened to him, threading a hand through the back of Callum’s head as he kissed back, filled with need.

Callum rubbed his body against his lover’s, his cock thick and needy.  They’d only been able to consummate their affair a few times, in fear they’d be caught.  It had been too long since their last time together, and Callum grew hungry for the male.

If only they could be together, free to love one another as they wanted.

Greedy to have another taste of Weaver’s body, he pinned the male to the earth and ground his thick cock against the male’s leg.  “I need you again,” he whispered between kisses.  “I must be inside you.”

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