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First Glimpse: Best Friends (In Bed, 1) by Kelex

Contemporary Erotic Erotic Romance Erotica Gay Gay For You Kelex MM New Release

Best Friends

In Bed, Book One

Copyright © 2018 by Kelex


Olivia opened the door and drew him inside the semi-darkened room.


Jesse turned and saw a half-naked woman on her knees. It took his eyes a moment to acclimate to the low light. A nightlight of some kind was on, giving the room a surreal glow. It eventually hit him that it was Mandy in her bra and panties, on her knees. Between Hayden’s thighs.

He gasped inwardly as he realized Mandy was blowing Hayden. Jesse’s stare roamed over Hayden’s nakedness. His chest was bare, his jeans open and pushed down his hips some, exposing nearly everything.

Hayden’s cock was hard and jutting out… and slick from Mandy’s mouth. Jesse lifted his stare and met Hayden’s shocked gaze.

But it wasn’t only shock. There was some lust in them, too.

As if Hayden wasn’t too upset in being caught.

“It’s my room, too,” Olivia said, shutting the door. “We can play in here, too.”

Jesse opened his mouth to argue they should leave when Olivia pushed him down on the bed across from Mandy and Hayden, knocking any denial from his lips. She knelt on the floor like Mandy and began undoing his jeans.

“Wait, maybe we should go somewhere else,” Jesse said, trying to still her fingers.

His stare drifted to Hayden’s cock again, and he forced it back down to Olivia.

“There is nowhere else,” she said. Pulling her hand from his, she reached into his briefs and caressed his cock.

An unbidden moan came from his lips.

It was all Olivia seemed to need. She pulled his cock through the vee of his pants and began to caress him. Jesse closed his eyes, hating that it felt so good. He reopened them and saw Mandy had gone back to work on Hayden’s cock. He couldn’t see everything, just an outline against that glow of light.

There was no doubt to what they were doing.

The sounds of Hayden’s moans only added to the excitement he felt.

Jesse grew harder under Mandy’s touch… and he had to wonder if it was the feel of her hand or the visual of Mandy’s lips wrapped around Hayden’s shaft. He leaned his head back against the wall, watching the action across the room.

It was too dark for Hayden to be able to tell where Jesse was looking… yet there was a little part of him felt as if Hayden was watching him, too. If Jesse could feel that, could Hayden sense his stare?

He didn’t care.

When he felt Olivia’s lips wrap around the head of his cock, he closed his eyes for a split second. It felt good. Really good. And it felt even better when he opened his eyes and continued playing the voyeur.

Mandy’s head moved faster and Hayden’s moans grew louder.

Jesse felt his body responding to the sounds.

Olivia pulled off his cock and looked up at him. “I think I’m… I’m…”

And she jumped up and fled from the room.

“Oh shit, not again,” Mandy said and raced from the room, slamming the door behind her.

“Lovely,” Hayden said from the other bed.

There they sat—alone—with two hard-ons.


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