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First Glimpse - Jayson Jax's Bred by the Cavemen

Bred by the Cavemen

Caveman Isle, 2

Copyright © 2017 by Jayson Jax


Jaime Gallagher scanned the BDSM club from his seat in the VIP section. The throb of the base pulsed like a raw nerve within his bodies as he watched the scantily clad men and women rubbing themselves against one another. The search was on… looking for another in a long series of hookups in the search for Mr. Right.

Mr. Right? Maybe that’s a bit too far…

The something special he kept searching for wasn’t there. Above him, on the second and third levels of the club, was where the real action was. He rose from the packed booth, lifting his glass of high dollar champagne in one hand, knowing full well if his father was going to ream him for his charges, he better damned sure enjoy them. Jaime strode through the throngs of dancers, wedging himself between grinding bodies as he moved.

He was groped a few times.  Luckily for the gropers, he didn’t mind that shit.

Too bad none of them had that spark in their eye that made him think they could follow up that first grope with the kind he really liked. After climbing the stairs to the second floor, he perused the play. There were several scenes happening at once, out in the open. Voyeurism was fun, but could only get him so far.

All the rules and the limits and the core of BDSM were there for a reason, and he completely understood and respected them… they kept everyone safe. But there were times when he just wanted some big, muscled man to force him to his knees and take. For there not to be a long conversation about boundaries and limits.  No contracts. No safewords.

The few times he’d thought he’d found partners who’d comply with his desires, they’d still held back. He could sense their hesitance as they seemed to watch him intently for cues and often read them wrong.

He paused at a scene where a male sub was being flogged by his master. The leather-clad men were well-built and hot as hell, but it still only kept his interest for a few moments. He walked on, passing a Domme and her female, two subs with their Dom, and then a pup and his owner. None grabbed him.

The next scene was a bit more intriguing.  A bit of costume play. A caveman and submissive cavewoman. His eyes widened as he watched them fucking, his thoughts drifting to the island.

His father’s island.

He hadn’t physically been in the man’s presence in nearly two years. Sir Ian was a lot to handle. Distance helped make civility possible.

The last time he’d seen his father had been at his father’s home in the Caribbean. Jaime drew in a deep breath, remembering the ghastly things he’d seen there. Yet, some of it had been tempting… in a way it shouldn’t have.

“Never imagined you liking a scene like this,” a voice whispered in his ear.

Jaime turned to see Drew Colesworth, one of his university pals.  He chuckled at the raised eyebrow the man had.  “I was lost in thought.”

Drew smiled, a hint of something in his eyes. He turned to see the caveman pumping deep into the woman. “I’ll never quite understand the allure.” Drew tilted his head some.

“Never been inside a woman?”

“Almost,” Drew admitted.  “I just couldn’t do it. Of course, I told all my friends that I had just to get them off my back and totally ruined the poor girl’s reputation.”

“Prat,” Jaime said.

“I ended up asking her to be my girlfriend for a few months when I went on vacation with my parents. They agreed to let her go simply because they were glad to think I wasn’t gay.  She ended up getting a European holiday out of it and didn’t have to fuck me.  I think she ended up getting repaid for her troubles.”

“A month or two with your parents?” Jaime asked, shaking his head.  “I think you owe her for that hell, too.”

“As if your parents are much better.”

“Mum is okay.  When she’s not drunk,” Jaime said.  “She’s off with her new boytoy in Greece or Turkey or somewhere.”

“Sir Ian?”

“He’s off in the Caribbean, working on his secret project.”

Drew lifted his brows.  “Secret project.  Oh, do tell.”

Jaime grasped Drew’s elbow and led his friend away from the scene and into a dark corner near the back stairs. “He made me sign an NDA.”

“A non-disclosure? He’s your father.”

Jaime met Drew’s stare.  “He’s a businessman who just so happened to breed with my mother.”

Drew laughed. “I always think my parents are bad until I start hearing about yours.”

Jaime’s gaze shifted back to the two cavepeople, an idea forming. “Those flying lessons you took… ever finish?”

“I’m a certified helicopter pilot,” Drew said with a smile.

“Ever been to the Caribbean?” Jaime asked.

“You do realize we can’t fly a helicopter from here to there,” Drew asked, suspiciously.

“My father has a company jet I can try to secure for the transatlantic flight. He also has a home near Miami that has a small private airport.  I can ensure there’s a helicopter there for our use.”

“You want to go see your father?”

“No,” Jaime answered.  “I want you to see what he’s got on that island.”

Drew grinned, his white teeth flashing in the dark.  “Ready whenever you are.”






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