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First Glimpse - HANDLING THE PERKS by Aliyah Burke

Aliyah Burke Contemporary Erotic Erotic Romance MF New Release Romance Suspense

Handling the Perks D.A.R.K, Inc, Book Three Copyright © 2018 by Aliyah Burke   Chapter One Rhodi hopped out of his jeep and strode across the parking lot toward the front door to the new facility that was housing the headquarters of D.A.R.K., Inc. warm Montana sun streamed down on him from the cloudless sky. The two-story building fit the needs perfectly. Individual offices for him and each of his brothers. All four had joined and created this. At him, Derek, Kristopher, and himself—Rhodi. Opening the door, he waved at the woman behind the counter. “Good morning, Mr. Wilder.” “Emma...

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First Glimpse: Tequila Smash (Last Call, 1) by Aliyah Burke

Beach Romance Contemporary Erotic Erotic Romance IRMC Last Call MF Multicultural New Release Romance

Tequila Smash Last Call, Book One Copyright © 2018 by Aliyah Burke   Chapter One   Ellie sighed as she wiped down the bar in those final precious moments before they opened. Her peace and quiet about to be shattered by the men and women who would be showing up to Last Call for their Friday night drinking and hookups. She truly loved her job, but it took a bit for her to get into the persona she held while bartending to the military men and women that came here. Tonight was going to be even louder than usual, as...

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First Glimpse: Adam Charles' HIS CHANCE

Contemporary Erotic Erotic Romance Gay MM New Release Romance

His Chance by Adam Charles Alex shoved his hands into his pockets as he made his way across the parking lot to his apartment building. He pulled his keys out as he reached the stairs and glanced up at the sound of voices. And he looked right into the most perfect eyes he’d ever seen. Chance smiled at him before glancing down shyly. “Hey, Alex,” he said as he moved down the stairs past him. “Hi, Chance.” He started to step toward Chance but stopped and drew his gaze away. His best friend and roommate Robbie was bouncing down the...

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First Glimpse: Aliyah Burke's Breaking All the Rules

Aliyah Burke Contemporary Erotic Romance Interracial IR MF New Release Romance

Breaking All the Rules by Aliyah Burke   DANGRIGA, BELIZE “We’ll see you in a week then, Ms. Lamar.” “Yessir. And thank you again, Mr. Wilder.” He chuckled. “We’ll be working closely together, please, call me Adam.” “How about I think about it and let you know?” “I’ll take it. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.” The call disconnected. Alyse Lamar had every intention of doing so. She pocketed her phone with a soft yet emphatic, “Yes!” She had gone in for this job three months ago. After meeting with a company man named Rhodi, being interviewed, and making it...

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First Glimpse: Hayden West's Guarding Mason

Contemporary Erotic Erotic Romance Gay Hayden West MM New Release Rockstar Romance

Guarding Mason Copyright © 2018 by Hayden West   Chapter One “Whoever is sending the threats is becoming bolder. You can’t ignore this any longer. You have to take it seriously.” Mason “Rock” Stanton continued to stare up at the ceiling from where he lay on the couch in the suite. He began counting the swirls as he swung his left foot back and forth, skimming the plush carpet. “How serious do you want me to be? I’m not cancelling my tour, people pay a lot of money for those tickets. The show must go on, as they say.” His...

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