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Theirs by Midnight (Midnight Mississippi, 3.5) by Kelex

Erotic Erotic Romance Erotica Fantasy Gay Kelex Menage MMM New Release Paranormal Romance Shifters

Theirs by Midnight

Midnight, Mississippi 3.5

Copyright © 2018 by Kelex


Chapter One

Castle Midnight


Noah lifted his lids, confused for a moment where he was. Silk sheets were smooth under his body. Heavy brocade curtains covered windows that rose to what had to be ten-foot ceilings. Light peeked through the slits between, hinting that morning was upon them. A warm body lay against him, and it took a moment to remember that it wasn’t Eilam’s. He rolled over and glanced down at his mate. King Adriel seemed to instinctively cuddle into his arms.

A smile spread across his lips. Glancing over at Eilam sleeping on Adriel’s other side, it all came back to him. The day before, he and his brother bear had been made king’s consorts in front of most of the court. The warlock, who had done his best to avoid a mating, was now theirs.

Noah looked about the sumptuous bedroom, still not completely capable of absorbing what had transpired. That this was their new home. Adriel had lived there for many years without them, but for him and his brother bear, this was a whole new world.

Eilam knew it better than he. His brother bear had run the king’s security and had been in and out of the castle for some time. Noah hadn’t been allowed entry—Adriel had known he couldn’t continue to keep them at bay if there had been two against one. The minute the king had realized the bond he had with Eilam, the man had tried to ignore the fact that Noah existed.

Now, Noah refused to be ignored.

Noah pressed his lips to the king’s forehead, and the man stirred against him.

After a moment, Adriel’s eyes fluttered open. A confused look crossed his beautiful face. When his gaze lifted and met Noah’s, the smile that soon formed there melted Noah’s heart.

He drew in a breath, holding it as he felt the connection they shared deepen.

He’s mine.


“Good morning,” the king whispered.

“Good morning,” Noah murmured back. He lifted his hand and brushed back a lock of his mate’s long, black hair. The silky strands slipped from his fingers. Noah lifted another lock, twirling it around one finger before meeting the king’s stare once more.

Adriel’s lavender eyes were alight with emotion. He lifted slightly and placed a genteel kiss to Noah’s lips. After the night the three of them had just shared, Noah didn’t feel anywhere close to genteel. He slid his hand through the king’s tresses and tugged the warlock even closer. Forcing his lips firmly against Adriel’s, he took control.

Their naked bodies came together, chest to chest. Against him, he could feel Adriel’s heartbeat quicken. As did his own. Licking along the seam of the man’s lips, Noah demanded entry. Adriel moaned and opened for him. He growled, his bear spirit demanding more.

They’d already claimed him.

His bear would demand that they claim him over and over again.


Adriel pulled away, breathless. His eyes and mouth open wide, he drew in a deep lungful before meeting Noah’s stare. “You’re going to drive me insane with kisses such as those.”

“That,” Noah murmured before placing a loving nip along the king’s nape, “is the plan.”

Adriel moaned lowly and writhed against Noah. He could feel the king’s cock against his thigh. The warlock was hard as stone—just as he was. All the blood had raced to that one spot of his body, leaving him feeling woozy with need.

“Playing without me?”

Noah turned his gaze to see Eilam awake and watching them from the other side of the huge bed.

“Just waiting for you to finally wake up,” Noah said with a smile. “Sleepyhead.”

“I worked very, very hard last night,” Eilam said as he slid his body closer and lined himself against Adriel’s back. “I needed my rest so I could be ready for another round.”

Memories of the night before danced in Noah’s mind. After the announcement the king had made, they’d immediately retired to the king’s rooms. After a light meal had been brought up—which they’d barely eaten—they’d made love all night, into the wee hours. Over and over, they’d memorized the curves and swells of the king’s body. Noah was well on his way to being an expert in the topic.

Noah ran a finger along Adriel’s neck, already knowing the back of it was an erogenous zone for the man. Once the tip of Noah’s finger barely caressed that certain spot he’d learned last night, Adriel’s eyes fell closed and his mouth parted on a gasp.

The look made Noah’s cock jerk. He inhaled deeply, nearly moaning from the sight.

When Adriel’s eyes reopened, there was a dreamy, lustful look to them. Noah nearly moaned again as his body responded. He was more than happy to fulfill that need for the rest of their days.

Noah lifted his stare to Eilam, silently telling his brother bear what he intended. The knowing look in Eilam’s made his heart quicken. He had so much love for his brother bear, love they’d shared for so long without a third. Now, they had their triad and could finally one day become a family. He held Eilam’s stare as he drew Adriel closer for another kiss. The corner of Eilam’s lips hitched as he began to kiss a hot trail over Adriel’s shoulder and up his neck.

To that exact, perfect spot.

Adriel moaned even louder. Ever so slightly, his body began to tremble.

Noah spread his hand along the warlock’s hip and let it roam down over one bare ass cheek. He squeezed, kneading the flesh in his hand, before moving down farther and sliding a finger along the split between.

Eilam ran his hand along the top of Noah’s. Noah lifted his hand and laced his fingers in through his brother bear’s—and then they ran their hands over Adriel together for a moment before drifting apart to tempt their king even higher.

Lips, tongues, and fingers explored, bringing them both closer to their limits. Sighs filled the room, their animalistic moans music to Noah’s ears. Heat filled him, the bear within needing this bond made flesh.

He grasped the king’s hard staff in his hand, ready to bring Adriel to release.

And the double doors into the bedroom whipped open. A servant entered and crossed the room to the curtains. He drew them open, and sunlight flooded the room. “Godsdamn it,” Noah cried, shutting his eyes to the intensity. “What are you doing?”

“Out! Now!” Eilam cried to the servant.

The man looked stunned and confused, spinning as if to leave, but stopping himself and turning back. He stared at his king.

Noah then realized the man wouldn’t leave unless Adriel ordered him to.

“Leave us… for a moment,” Adriel said, no anger in his tone.

For a moment? That won’t be enough time! Noah turned to glare at Adriel while the flustered servant slipped silently from the room. “Do he not know how to knock?”


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